Tigplant graphic design & web design

Tigplant not only designs and builds websites but also takes care of graphic design for you.

Tigplant is located in Enschede, the Netherlands and takes on assignments in the Netherlands as well as internationally. Contact can be done in person in the Netherlands or via skype or other means of communication.

Tigplant thrives in exchanging views with you and believes in a personal touch.


Creation is Tigplant’s main thrive. The mission of Tigplant is deliver beautiful, functional and unique design in the areas of website development and graphic design.

Tigplant establishes this by proactively listening to you, asking many questions, thinking along with you and by already considering your target audience in the design phase.


Tigplant enjoys working on assignments with companies which operate in the medical field or industry and also with small and medium-sized enterprises providing services, medical professionals and furthermore everybody that is attracted to the works and approach of Tigplant. A good cooperation is paramount.

Customers range from, for example, a distributor in medical equipment, a psychologist to a dance teacher.

Organisation Tigplant graphic design & web design

Frouke TigchelaarTigplant is the creative factory of Frouke Tigchelaar based in Enschede, the Netherlands. In 2018, Frouke made her dream come true by starting her own company in graphic design and web design.

Frouke has more than twenty years of experience as a Graphic Designer in the medical industry. Furthermore Frouke has been developing websites for over a decade. Recently, she took on a course in web design and obtained a certificate. Currently she is immersing herself in front-end development.

Background Frouke

Frouke obtained a degree in Medical Electrical Engineering at the polytechnic (now Saxion University) in Enschede, the Netherlands. After that she worked many years as a Graphic Designer in the medical industry, where she enjoyed the combination of technique, creativity and medical science. Additionally she had a five year lasting visual arts education at the ‘Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht (NAU)’. Alongside her job as a Graphic Designer Frouke always loved to make art, dance and build websites.

Just before starting Tigplant Frouke obtained the certificate Web Designer at the College of MultiMedia (CMM) in Amsterdam. Currently she is doing the follow-up course Front-end Developer at the same institute. In 2019 she will proceed with the module Web Developer. Together these three modules form the education MultiMedia Engineer.

Name 'Tigplant'

One of the criteria Frouke had for the company name was that it could be pronounced well in English as well as in Dutch.

Furthermore the name had to be organic, industrial and personal as well as the domain name had to be available.

Tigplant was the first name in a long row of potential names that met these criteria and conveyed inspiration and ideas for a logo.

Tigplant pronounces in English as ‘Eggplant’.

Lastly, to end this name chapter, the ‘ou’ in ‘Frouke’ sounds like the ‘o’ in ‘now’.