Graphic Design

Tigplant designs various types of marketing material for you and also invents and creates icons or interactive banners for your website. Examples of work are:

  • Logo
  • Brochure / Flyer
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Business card
  • Corporate identity
  • Stand design for congress boots
  • Roll-up banner for an exhibition or event
  • Book cover
  • Poster
  • Animation (for video or webpage)
  • Presentation

Or perhaps you just need someone who prepares your design and files the proper way for press. Tigplant also performs these tasks for you.

Every printing company has their own specifications for print/press files to be delivered to them. Tigplant has experience with many different printing companies and stand design companies internationally.

Tigplant also knows how to prepare files for press from within many different software applications such as Indesign, Illustrator, CorelDraw.

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Web Design

Tigplant designs and develops your new website for you. Whether you want a small compact website or something more extensive with lots of interaction, we make your website fit you ánd your customers. Furthermore:

  • Every website we build is responsive. Which means it adapts itself to different sized screens, resulting in a good display on mobile, tablet as well as desktop computers.
  • Choose a website with a user friendly, secure Content Management System (CMS) or one without a CMS, depending on your budget and wishes.
  • Have a website that is optimized for search engines (SEO).
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed by Tigplant, you or in co-production. Tigplant enjoys to think along with you and is happy to be inspired by your ideas.
  • Website provided with an SSL Certificate.
  • Website management done by you or Tigplant.
  • Maintenance on a yearly basis possible.
  • Domain name application or hosting solutions possible.

Not only do we take care of a nice design for the exterior of your site, we also ensure the website is neatly finished off under the hood. A well-coded website will get you higher up in Google’s ranking list.

Deploy Tigplant also for improving an existing website. A website which you do not have time for, or which you got stuck in code.

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